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Creative Technology

Designing digital solutions is not just about buying technology, it is about matching creative concepts, technology and operational management with organisational aims and visions. DCCO works with organisations to explore the possibilities and develop creative solutions that meet requirements and open new opportunities.

Solutions that Work

Operations management is a critical element to any solution. With first hand experience of digital system operation and maintenance, DCCO helps clients adapt to operational performance and helps ensure that the approach taken provides quality, agility and flexibility.  Operations is as much about people as it is about systems.

Commercial Designs

Commercial value always has a place, be that; increase sales; cost reduction; quality improvement; or service diversification. DCCO's diverse experience in advertising and promotion to service quality and improvement helps clients explore their opportunities and maximise commercial value.


London Palladium Front Digital Displays
Custom Display for Grade2* Listed Building
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Interactive digital without the pain

Interactive digital content has been proven to be a key element to obtaining brand awareness as well as audience engagement; however it usually comes at a price.

Creating interactive content takes time both in creativity as well as technical development. This cost is often a barrier to entry and leads to budgets being stretched beyond the effectiveness of the campaign itself; however the model of development and deployment of such campaigns has been changed with a software content library called DOOHApps.

DOOHApps is an interactive content library that provides customisable media for interactive campaigns on a rental basis. DOOHApps allows clients to review and pick from a wide variety of pre-created material, tailor to specific needs and pay only the time the campaign is being used, thus significantly reducing the barrier to entry.

With integrated anlaytics and a diverse array of professional content, DOOHApps appeals to clients of every experience level. Watch VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2


Digital aligned to the environment

More than meets the eye...

Over recent years the expanse of digital displays has been nothing short of outstanding from shops and retail malls to museums and theme parks; however there is more to a digital system than simply hanging up a screen and getting it to display something.

Understanding the impact of the sceens on the local environment is a mostly overlooked element of digitial display systems. Will the screens enhance or detract from the local environment? Will they deliver their message effectively and, hopefully, efficiently within their environment? And what is the impact of the environment on maintaining the display systems? All of these questions are not only relevant but often critical to the success of digital display systems.

Not addressing such topics can cause issues not only durng deployment but thoughtout the life of the system.

Asking the right questions is often more important than the answers obtained.

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Founded on over 25 years experience, DCCO is a boutique consultancy specialising in creative technology, operations and commercial development.




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